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Bikini Body with Jeni DelPozo


To get in #marysiabikiniready shape, the Marysia Swim team has been taking pilates mat classes from Santa Monica instructor, Jeni DelPozo. She has been instrumental in getting us ready to take on the beach or pool with confidence. AKA she’s kicking our butt! We asked her to share some of these moves specifically designed to tone the abs, butt, legs and arms.  Hope you feel the burn as much as we did!

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Jeni breaks down the moves below!

Marysia_Swim_Pilates (3 of 35)-min

Single leg stretch (5-10 reps)- Hug one knee in as the other reaches long, then switch

Double leg stretch (5 reps) – Hug knees in, curl head and chest up. Stay curled up.  Reach the arms overhead as the legs lengthen out to a 45 degree angle. Then circle the arms around and hug the legs back in.

Scissors (5-10 reps) – Curl the head and chest up. Lengthen the legs towards the sky. Grab onto one leg as the other lengthens out.  Give the top leg a pull pull then scissor switch the legs.

Lower Lift (5 reps) – Hands behind the head, legs up towards the sky. Lower the legs down for three counts then up for one count. Abs stay pulled in. Do not let the legs go too low where the back arches or abs press out.

Criss Cross (10 reps) – Hands behind the head. Bend one knee into your chest as you lengthen the other leg out long then twist the torso towards the bent knee. Then switch. Stay curled up as you switch.

Marysia_Swim_Pilates (5 of 35)-min

Slip of the hands (10 reps)- Prop yourself up on the forearms with the legs bent, feet flat in the sand. Without moving the upper body, slip the hands by the side of the legs then return to rest on forearms. For an extra challenge, try to not let the forearms touch the sand.

Marysia_Swim_Pilates (6 of 35)-min

Shoulder Bridge (5 reps each leg)- Legs hip width apart and fingertips almost touching heels. Lift the hips up, bring leg into the chest then lengthen towards the sky. Lower the leg to meet the opposite leg then lift back up to the sky.

Shoulder Bridge Side Work (5 reps each leg) – With the same leg reach out to the side then bring back to center.

Shoulder Bridge Pulses (5 reps each leg) – Flex the foot up to the sky and pulse the hips up and down for 5-8 reps.

Marysia_Swim_Pilates (7 of 35)-min

Side Kick Series (10 reps each leg)- Lying down on one side, line yourself up in a mini L shape with legs just in front of hips. Lift the hips up, bring leg into the chest towards the sky. Lower the leg to meet where the opposite leg is then left back up.

Side Kick Series Side Work (10 reps each leg) – With the same leg, reach it out to the side then back to center.

Side Kick Series Lift n’ Lower (10 reps each leg)- Leg hovers on top of the bottom leg then the leg is lifted up and down being careful not to move the hips.

Side Kick Series Circles  (10 reps each leg) – Point through the foot and make circles in both directions without letting the hips move nor the upper body.

Marysia_Swim_Pilates (17 of 35)-min

Planks and Push ups (3 sets of 3) – Start standing and round down to the sand. Walk out in four counts to plank position. Hug the elbows in and do three slow Pilates push ups. Lift the hips up to rest in downward dog position. Do two more sets of three.

Marysia_Swim_Pilates (33 of 35)-min

And finished! Time to hit the beach in #marysiaswim!

Photos and video by Mel Blanchard

Pilates Instructor: Jeni DelPozo

Song: Gold Rays by Vinyl Pinups

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