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Home Inspiration by Designer, Martha Mulholland


Having recently moved into our new home in Venice, I’m working with designer, Martha Mulholland, to transform our space into a chic yet functional home for my family.  I loved the look of the Line’s  LA outpost and found out Martha is the designer behind it.  Our house is super modern and stark so we wanted to warm it up a bit and make it comfortable. We kept a neutral palette with clean lines while incorporating standout one of a kind pieces…in hope that I can live with it for a long time. There’s still the deck to go but I can’t wait to share once it’s finished.

Q&A with Martha

What goes into your design process?

 Every project and client has their own needs that determine my approach, but generally speaking, I like to come up with an overall design plan for a space – how do we want it to function? How do we want it to feel? Then I try to create a mood for each room, assign materials, come up with a layout, then shop, style etc.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere! I find new color and pattern combinations in accidental moments – the way a tree branch hangs over a stucco wall for instance. I have a huge design library with both new and vintage books, but often find the vintage interiors most interesting. I regularly find inspiration at the flea markets in unexpected objects, bring them home and rework a whole room around them.

Top 3 shops in LA?

I can’t pick just three! How about seven? The Line, Nickey Kehoe, JF Chen, The Window, Stahl and Band, Hammer and Spear, Garde

 How would you describe your style?

  I appreciate aspects of many different design styles and what I do really changes from project to project. I would say that generally speaking, I create neutral interiors with lots of layering, whether it be textures or patterns or collections of objects styled in thoughtful vignettes. I love early modern furniture, especially French and Italian, mixed with new pieces and antiques of all periods.

What is your biggest challenge when designing a space?

 Managing expectations and budget, making sure both my vision and my clients vision are brought to life.

Favorite online destinations for decor?

   1st Dibs, Pamono, Yatzer, Matter and Shape

Any styling tips?

Don’t be afraid to play with proportion, group things in odd numbers, if in doubt, add flowers.

Favorite Designers?

 Axel Vervoodt, Dimore Studio, Florence Lopez, Joseph Dirand, Dimore Studio, Waldo Works, Michael Verheyden

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