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Happy Monday bloggie friends!  Hope you all had a nice weekend.  Please welcome Chassity Evans, my Charleston friend who was the first to introduce me to this blogging world.  Chassity is a lovely mother of two, a wonderful author of her blog Look Linger Love, and an artist! Check out her shop on Etsy to see her fun and bright paintings. She is a trooper mother and I admire her courage in her difficult pregnancy with her son. She had to have three blood transfusions and you never hear her complaining about it all.  She’s so happy with her life ,it’s no wonder her blog is so successful as that happiness radiates through her blog…so if you want some sunshine..go read her blog🙂 She actually posted about Marysia SWIM today.  Thanks girl!
1| Auggie bedding 2|Guess how much I love you book (love this one too) 3|Chassity, Lilly and Fletcher make a cute little bunch…daddy isn’t in the picture but he’s a dapper fellow who wears a bow tie:) 4|her family heirloom blanket 5|Go gently baby striped pants 6|sunscreen towelettes 7|Bumble and bumble blondish hair powder 8|Lipstick by Smashbox 9| Chanel bronzing powder
How do you balance your work, personal and family lives?
I don’t really have a system, and maybe a need one, but I’m not one for schedules. So I pretty much fly by what feels right. Blogging is my hobby, so if I begin to feel that my blog is taking over my life then I decline a few projects/events or take a day off blogging. I stay home with my children, Lilly and Fletcher, so I get to spend a lot of time with them. My husband has a nice schedule that allows him to be home in the evenings and weekends, so that works too. And then I naturally crave time to myself and with girlfriends so it all just falls into place. So far anyway.
Where are you from originally?
I grew up in Jasper, IN. It’s a small and sweet town filled with wonderful people who I enjoy going home to visit. And my brother’s restaurant is there, Mill House, and it has the best pizza, soup, and cheese balls.
Where do you live now?
My favorite place in the world, Charleston, SC.
Where are your favorite places to go with your kids in your neighborhood?
Our neighborhood is pretty much the happiest neighborhood on earth – it’s on the water, has parks, and the quaintest shopping street complete with an old time pharmacy serving up good simple food. We’re constantly strolling around.
Describe your everyday style.
My daytime look is usually something comfortable and easy to chase my young kids in. Dresses, jeans, tees, and flats.
 What is your favorite part about your nursery?
In both of my kids’ rooms they have blankets and throws that were made by my granny and great-grandmother. That’s pretty special. I also really dig Fletcher’s crib bedding from Little Auggie.
 Who is your cool style mom icon?
Am I lame for not really having one? Maybe you? You’re always inspiring me.
Top 3  favorite things for your baby?
1, A stroller. When I only had Lilly we loved the bugaboo. But I needed a good double stroller after Fletcher came, and the Bob is really great!
2. Soft clothes. My kids are always wearing stripes, and these Go Gently pants are so cute.
3. I love these sunscreen towelettes. Great for babies.
Favorite kids book?
I couldn’t even begin to narrow it down to a favorite, but I do especially love Guess How Much I Love You.
What beauty product can you not live without?
Lastly..are you a tummy out of in a maillot kind of a pregnant lady?
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