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Sunset Hooky


Last week I sped off to NYC to host a Summery lunch with Jessie Randall, founder of Loeffler Randall, at Sunset Beach, Shelter Island. We played hooky from work and hopped over to the island via StndAIR sea plane. Such a nice smooth ride!  Together we hosted Jane Keltner, Alice Gao, Christene Barberich, Athena Calderone, and Sarah Slutsky for an afternoon of laughs, delicious food and maybe a few glasses of rosé.. haha See more photos on Instagram #sunsethooky

Photography by Sarah Elliott

Loeffler Randall x Marysia 4-min

Alice Gao and Marysia arriving by StndAIR Sea Plane

Loeffler Randall x Marysia 39-min

Twinning moment with Jane Keltner 

Loeffler Randall x Marysia 66-minLoeffler Randall x Marysia 8-min

Beautiful beachside setting at Sunset Beach 

Loeffler Randall x Marysia 10-min

The hosts! Jessie and Marysia posing with the pink peonies by with Flowers by Beth

Loeffler Randall x Marysia 21-min

Group shot! Left: Jane, Marysia, Christene, Sarah, Jessie, Athena, Alice

LRBlog_SunsetHooky_13Loeffler Randall x Marysia 69-min

Watercolor plane tickets and menus by Caitlin McGauley
Loeffler Randall x Marysia 63-minLoeffler Randall x Marysia 70-min

Left: Jane, Athena, Marysia

Loeffler Randall x Marysia 74-min

Cheers to new friends! xo


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