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Bikini Bites: Coconut Granola Bars

Bikini Bites


Enjoy these delicious, homemade coconut granola bars made by our CFO, Nathaniel.


Wet Ingredients:

2 parts raw cashew butter

1 part extra virgin coconut oil

1 part coconut milk

1 part raw honey


Dry Ingredients:

3 parts raw old fashioned oats

2 parts raw cashews rough chop

1 part hemp seeds

1 part dry cranberries

1 part dry pineapple rough chop

1 part raw macadamia nuts rough chop

1 part unsweetened shredded coconut

1 part almonds rough chop


Combine wet ingredients in double boiler and warm until all four ingredients are blended.

Combine dry ingredients.

Pour wet ingredients over dry and thoroughly combine.

Grease cookie sheet with coconut oil.

Spread and flatten mixture on the cookie sheet and refrigerate until solid. Cut into squares and keep in the fridge.

Note: play around with the ingredient ratio to tailor to your taste buds… just make sure the final mixture if wet enough to spread and hold together on the cookie sheet.


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